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The 4 Secrets to Being A Man Magnet – Get Married Now


4 Secrets to Being a Man Nagnet

Congratulations! You have finally met a man you really like and he qualifies is relationship material. Your first instinct is you should make sure he knows you are a real find, right? Wrong! The awesome thing about being female is you don’t have to exert any effort in convincing a man to that you are wonderful. Putting effort into trying to get or keep a man will result in driving him away. If you have ever experienced a man being very interested at first and then suddenly becoming distant or even disappearing.  You doing TOO MUCH is probably  the reason why. In order to show a man you’re someone he wants to get to know better you DO NOT have to do anything but rather you simply just need to be your irresistible self. Let’s explore the 4 Secrets to Being a Man Magnet.

Secret No. 1 It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Are That Counts

Whenever we encounter a great guy, we must resist trying to prove to him what a awesome catch we are. Going out of our way to do things for him, planning outings and agreeing to things he want to do that we have no interest in whatsoever are absolute no nos. The reality is there no such thing as convincing a man to fall in love. As a female maximize your advantage by being confident in knowing you can lead him to you by connecting directly with his heart. The most powerful way to do this is to allow yourself to be guided by your irresistible feminine energy and feminine energy is all about being. When you are with your man focus on being fully in the moment and enjoying his company. Giving him this kind of attention this automatically shifts you into delicious feminine and he can’t help but have his masculine activated giving him the chance to shine and feel good while doing so. And the only way you can inspire this reaction in a man is being fully open to receive.

Secret No. 2  A Man Magnet Lets A Man Give To Her

In order to incite a man to start seeing you as the one he wants to commit to you must being able o receive love. Men fall in love when they give to you, not because of what you or do for them. Showering your man with affection, attention, gifts, and always going out of your way makes him respond to you as though you were his mother or friend instead of the irresistible female that he has to have. By receiving from your man you are sending the message that you value yourself and know that you are worthy of his time, attention, and definitely his love. So relax into that space of your utter lusciousness and let him feel wonderful as he gives to you.

Secret No. 3 A Man Magnet Sets Boundaries

Men value what they have to work for. If you are giving him the impression that you are totally devoted to him while he is exerting no effort will cause him to seriously question your value. What this looks like is you not giving away exclusivity until you have the commitment you want from him. It is in your best interest to definitely continue meeting and dating other men so that you give yourself the chance to find out what you really want and need. And this ensures that you are not cutting yourself off from finding your Mr. Right in case he isn’t it! By maintaining the focus on yourself and keeping yourself open to dating other men, you are demonstrating  loud and clear that you are a high value woman who puts herself first and that you are a prize worth pursuing. Making him have to step up his game to ensure he has to get you all to himself or risk losing out to the competition!

Secret No. 4 A Man Magnet Puts Herself First

The most important thing to know when you want a man to realize how amazing you are is to always put your happiness first. Evan Marc Katz – Dating Expert for Stong Successful Independent Women suggests that you avoid the common mistake of giving up things that you love just because he’s around. Having a life outside of him actually makes you far more attractive in his eyes because having a life you are passionate about makes you interesting and makes you stand out in his mind as an exceptional woman able to capture his attention. It might feel a little scary to do this with a guy you really like, but the right guy will gladly re-arrange his plans to see you. Because you’ve shown you are a gem that he has to woo and win. Maximizing your attraction factor

Draw Him In Naturally, Step By Step

Women have been taught that we need to work to show a man we’re worthy of his love. You already have everything you need to draw a man in NATURALLY and make him fall hopelessly in love. Be the woman he feels absolutely compelled to be with. She’s inside you so awaken her, bring her out in all her glory and let her work her magic by just being the irresistible you so that you can experience the love, security, and passion you’ve always dreamed of with the your dream man. To check out the expert I go to for dating advice signup for Evan Marc Katz – Your Personal Trainer for Love Newsletter today!


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